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The 9km Distance Race


We are anticipating a NE wind, predominant this time of year.  The 9km course will be confirmed prior to Sunday but will be competed on the flat water of Lake Illawarra, finishing at Reddall Reserve.  Waer safety craft will be on hand & used if required.  Boards may be of any size but 12-14ft race boards are recommended. Leashes must be worn, & whilst PFDs are not mandatory, they are advisable.  This race is recommended for experienced distance paddlers.

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Timing of event

Date: Sunday 5th November

9am: Check in closes Reddall Reserve

9:30am: Race briefing

10:00am: Race start

11.30am: Safety sweep

12:00pm: Presentation, Reddall Reserve

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Shuttle info

- Please allow plenty of time to register at Reddall Reserve, Lake Illawarra before 9am Sunday.

- Course details will be released Saturday.

- If shuttles are required, we will also advise competitors of details on Saturday.

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Reddall to Reddall 9km race.png

Lake Illawarra, NSW

Length: 9.5km

Width: 5.5km

Depth: 6ft average

Water: salt & fresh

Tidal & affected by all winds

The Course

Length: approx 9km

Starting point TBC

Finishing line Reddall Reserve

SUP race boards advisable

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